BAV M1 TRAN-TRACK passenger systems

How the technology works is simple, Graham at BAV Ltd has invested to make Tran-Track Certified Technology Light, Easy to Economically to all our DIY & TRADE accredited customers.

The Patented Technology is the only one in the world that can be installed in both TRANSVERSE & LONGITUDINAL directions .

TRAN-TRACK  offers flexibility and saves  Installation fitting time of around 60% to 75% approx £1000 .

TRAN-TRACK takes around 10 minutes per  Mt Run to install to drill & bolt the 10 bolts kit to any vehicle .

TRAN-TRACK design allows for Easy Quick Anti-Slip Ply to fit direct into the 12mm rebates , NO floor trim is required saving weight & labour glue.



Need More Build Info


BAV’s R & D  M1 M2 M3 VSE Wheelchair Crash Tested Base can be PART or FULL self-install economically into your factory bus .

BAV’s FOC  easy accreditation for your group fitters first installation is BAV inspect all on line to both DIY & TRADE customers

Option One Unregistered Vehicles:

system has certification support for your own IVA M1 N1.

Option Two Registered vehicles:

can be  MOT inspected as usual with the same support if required.

Modular Open Base Photo