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Celebrating 50 years as a Coach Builder from 1968 to 2018 this year

Celebrating 30 years Trading as and with Build-A-Van

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Lets Build More Great Vehicles Together in 2018. 

The Best Time to Partner & Start Self-Building is with BAV Ltd.

POLICE –MOD–NHS Blue light–UTILITY Groups–RAIL Crews  

Major VAN AGENTS–HGV & LCV–Road Rail Construction Crews

Hire Lease Agents–Vehicle Builders Small & Large to the Massive.  

BAV ltd has the Kit technology to support your every build.

BAV Ltd are working with UK’s Biggest and Best in 2018 , they all get the great deal with BAV M1 TRAN-TRACK passenger Systems.

Can we help your group build better and in budget ??????????


If your in the vehicle building game then you need to contact Graham graham.hardman@btconnect.com 

The Kit Technology is fantastic and so easy to install, further the kits have all the certified parts in along with a step by step instruction.

Because BAV ltd hold a great tonnage in stock a 3 day UK delivery is the normal with seats following on 7 days later .

They give the option to purchase Base only or Base with your chosen Seat and Trim        





Master Coach Builder Graham Hardman has over 48 years experience in HGV  &  LCV vehicles .

Graham is MD and 100% owner of Build-A-Van Ltd in Nelson Lancashire a Commercial Vehicle Body Shop that is well-known for quality patented innovation and partners many Vehicle Builders & Motor Agents ,DIY & TRADE for LCV & HGV construction.

BAV Ltd exclusively sole manufactures the TRAN-TRACK M1 N1 IVA MOT Compliant Passenger Seat Anchor Systems from it Nelson Factory in Lancashire BB9 0HZ  in the North West of UK.

BAV Ltd has developed and certified the TRAN-TRACK systems from 1998 that’s been successfully STATUS independently M1 M2 M3 N1 Crash Fit Certified in vehicle and partner plate to UK’s VSE87/1  that is UK’s ISO equivalent.

BAV Ltd holds an increasing tonnage stock for over 500 customer kits offering quick delivery in just a couple of days. The Certified Base are also supported with major accredited seat manufactures offering many in-system certified advantages when IVA & MOT presenting your New or Used LCV & HGV VOSA inspections.

BAV accredited builders of Police & Ambulance manufacturers in the UK & EC can have a modular base made up that can pre-cut , drilled to your drawing spec , further all kit systems include all the fasteners, under floor bracketing and simple Step by Step photo instructions as shown in HOW IT WORKS menu at top of page.

18 tonner Renault Vehicle Chassis BAV’s Rear Crew Cab Door.